EquiZone Online - Home of Equestrian Brands 2.0

EquiZone Online - Home of Equestrian Brands 2.0

EquiZone Online - Home of Equestrian Brands 2.0

You spoke and we listened! From our humble beginnings of 7 quality brands, we've now grown to stocking well over 35 of the worlds leading equestrian brands for horse and rider!

Over the last year and a half here at EquiZone, we've quickly developed to be one of the worlds leading Equestrian Stores and the go to place for horse people across the globe.

Below you'll find a small list of brands we currently sell and are passionate about.


KEP Italia - developed in Italy, Kep Italia have stormed the helmet market with their stylish designs, superior safety and incredible comfort. Thanks to their 5 world safety standards on all helmets, they are our most popular selling helmets. KEP was established in 2007 to provide the equestrian market with helmets that offer superior safety whilst allowing riders the option to chose a great range of elegant designs. The continued growth of KEP now allows you to create your own helmet, add Swarovski crystals, pink or even exclusive stones for unbeatable look. The choice and endless style is all within reach at KEP.

Dy'on -  Dy'on has quickly become the bridle of choice for world class riders in show jumping, eventing and now dressage thanks to the introduction of the superior "Dressage Collection". Dy'on are also famous for their chaps for riders. Beautiful, soft, high quality chaps in the famous Dy'on two toned colours as well as producing chaps for the Freejump range of boots. Offering innovative designs, ultimate comfort and high quality, when you purchase a Dy'on product you know you're receiving an exceptional piece of equipment.

Kentucky Horsewear - quickly becoming the world's go to brand for non-animal product horse equipment, Kentucky Horsewear has been developed with consideration for animals. The trade mark products for Kentucky Horsewear is the artificial sheepskin and leather look products, completely made with no animal products. As soft as the real thing but easier to maintain, Kentucky's artificial sheepskin is the perfect choice for even the most sensitive of horses, whilst the artificial leather looks and feels like real leather with the ease of being easily wiped clean. Quality and easy maintenance have prevailed with the development of Kentucky's horse boots and girths.

Trust Equestrian - another young company on the market, Trust Equestrian have taken over the show jumping world with their incredible range of bits for horses. From their beginnings in Belgium, Trust are quickly becoming the leading supplier of bits to the worlds best. Using leather, Inno Sense and Sweet Iron for their bits, Trust have designed and developed many of the bits we see todays top show jumpers using. If you have a bit in mind, Trust can make it for you!

eQuick - drawing on experience from the worlds best brands, founder of eQuick, Nicola Garbossa, has developed a range of horse boots offering up to 4 times more protection then other brands on the market. You can spot the eQuick products a mile away thanks to the patented, bright blue fluid gel at the back of the boots. After incredible success with horse boots for show jumpers, eventers and dressage horses, eQuick have also branched out into girths, offering a top of the line range for all disciplines.

HKM - celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, HKM is one of the worlds most well known equestrian brands for horse and rider. Whether you're looking for beautiful show attire or a bridle for your horse, HKM have everything you need. The HKM brand has continued to grow and now offer a number of labels from Italian designers such as Lauria Garrelli, Cavallino Marino & Kingston as well as the fun kids brand Little Sister.

Equiline - Italian quality and style. Equiline have become the worlds leader in equestrian fashion and their horse equipment is no exception. High quality leather products, incredible designs and perfect comfort mean your horse will be able to perform at their best. Continuing their growth, Equiline now offer the worlds best safety stirrups, the S1 Safety First stirrups developed by Safe Riding. If these incredible stirrups have Equiline's stamp of approval they are sure to be the best there is.

Zandona - established in 1985, Zandona began by undergoing research and development in plastics technology. In cooperation with professional riders, external designers and technicians Zandona have continued to improve and develop leading products that has resulted in improved quality, performance, style and comfort. Zandona are now known across the equestrian industry for their incredible horse tendon and fetlock boots, comfort girths and riders safety vests.

Stübben - For more than 120 years, Stübben has combined traditional craftsmanship with innovation and superior quality to bring equestrians across the world leading leather products. Dating all the way back to 1894, Stübben has a long history in the equestrian world as being a leader in leather products. Since it's founder Johannes Stübben began with a small saddlery in Krefeld, Germany, the business has been passed on from son to son and has turned into one of the most successful equestrian brands in the world. If you see a product with the famous Stübben symbol you know that quality is assured and it will last for years to come.

Marta Morgan - a young and dynamic company producing products for both horse and rider with full customisation options available. From stunning saddle blankets to elegant riding jackets the Marta Morgan line offers something for all riders. Combining her passion for horses and her career as a seamstress, Marta Morgan has developed a brand that can be described as beautiful! All items are entirely designed and hand made in Italy, using only the highest quality Italian products. This is a brand that we're incredibly excited to have at EquiZone as it allows our customers to design their dream products.

Lorenzini - a brand that has become famous for it's use of titanium in horse products. The well known Italian brand has set a bench mark in stirrups for both dressage and show jumping riders as well as world class bits used by top riders in all equestrian disciplines. The Lorenzini stirrups guarantee maximum strength and lightness and are designed to optimise performance and comfort. With endless colours to chose from you're sure to find a pair to suit you.

We are continually growing and value all of our customers opinions. Is there a brand or product you'd like to see us stock? Let us know!



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