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Cooler Rugs - a must have for your horse

Cooler rugs are used to cool off after training or a shower, or during the warm up phase of a workout. When used for cooling off, the fleece rug is designed to wick moisture from the horses coat and transport it to the outside of the rug. By doing this, you're able to quickly dry your horse and help prevent them catching a cold during the cooler months. 

During & after workouts

Cooler Rugs are important for waiting periods during training or to regulate the cooling down process after training. In some ways, a horse can be compared to an athlete. Muscles should never cool down too quickly after intense training, especially on chillier days, it is easy to catch a draft or cool down too rapidly during small breaks, when walking to a different area or after training. For this reason, cooler rugs are lightweight, extremely breathable and with efficient moisture transport. 

What are they made from? 

Cooler rugs are generally made from polar fleece which is ideal for wicking moisture away. However, with improvements in technology there are now other rugs, such as the Kentucky Towel Rug which absorb moisture very quickly so are suitable for use after your horse has had a bath. Some more traditional cooler rugs are made from wool, these are ideal for transport during winter. 

When to use a cooler rug? 

A cooler rug can be used during the warm up and cool down phase when riding as well as for transport on cooler days or after a bath to remove moisture. If using the rug as a sweat rug, it should remove the sweat from the horses coat to the surface of the rug and will appear as small droplets on the outside of the rug. Depending on the length of your horses coat and the intensity of the workout, it is important to check that the horse does not become too warm under the rug. Whenever using a cooler rug in winter it is also important to ensure it is not left on too long when wet, we'd recommend changing it once it is very moist on the outside.