Product Profile - Kingsland Relief Pad

Product Profile - Kingsland Relief Pad

Product Profile - Kingsland Relief Pad

Used by some of the worlds best riders, including former world number 1 Marcus Ehning, the Kingsland Relief Pad offers something extra that standard pads on the market don't offer - the pad is designed based on the riders weight. This makes perfect sense, the density of the pad should reflect the weight of the rider.

Kingsland Relief Pad

Back problems are a very common issue amongst both sport and hobby horses. Often the cause is the riders weight and the unfavourable pressure points created by the weight of the rider into the saddle.

The Kingsland Relief Pad is 2.5 times more pressure relieving than most pads presently sold on the market as stress relief pads. Not only is the pad lightweight, it is also exceptionally flexible, highly breathable, 100% recyclable, resistant to bacteria, water-repellent, cleanable and yet at the same time dimensionally stable and supports the horses back during all types of exercise. As mentioned the pad is highly breathable, it in fact has heat dissipating properties which keeps the temperature under the pad to an optimum.

The material used in the state of the art padding, is ZenXit technology, also used in high end office furniture, hospital mattresses and luxury car seats. It consists of highly elastic and flexible co-polyester fibres that are extruded in a three-dimensional structure. The Relief Pad has been developed in collaboration with Kingsland and has been tested in cooperation with the prestigious Hannoveraner Verband in Germany. Many professional riders, veterinarians and saddle fitters have also given positive feedback to this highly innovative and effective product.

Benefits offered to your horse

  • Peak Relief: the complex structure of the ZenXit technology effectively distributes the peak pressure points in under the saddle resulting in optimal impact reduction.


  • Impact absorbing: the relief pad acts as an equalizer, balancing out the overall loads during the physical activity of the horse. In other words, it reduces the impact of the rider on the horses back by up to 20%.


  • High pressure progression: ZenXit fibres are capable of handling heavy loads without losing the cushioning effect, which ensures that your horse feels relief during their workout, whilst still feeling the riders aids.


  • The spine remains free: thanks to a mesh fabric bridge that binds the lateral ZenXit panels, equal pressure ob both sides is obtained without obstructing the horses spine or withers.


  • Remains in position: the strong antifriction layers embedded in the pad ensure that the pad stays in place when in use. A silicone grip design also prevents the pad from changing position under the saddle.


  • Easily fitted: the relief pad requires a fitting period in order to customise the structure to the horse.


  • Active vent: air continues to flow through the pad cooling down the area when the pad is compressed and decompressed.


  • Bacteria inhibiting: the material composition inhibits bacteria to provide improved hygiene. The pad should be stored in a dry place after use.


  • Washable: the cover of the pad is machine washable at 30°C while the inside pannels can be hand washed separately.


  • Non-toxic: both the fabric and the ZenXit filling comply with high international safety standards, making it a safe choice for you and your horse.


At EquiZone Online, we're very firm believers in a saddle being fitted correctly by a professional. The Kingsland Relief Pad offers relief without interfering with the saddle itself. Our horses comfort is our utmost importance as equestrians, if there is a chance for us to help relieve unnecessary pressure, then we should take the opportunity to do so.  It doesn't matter whether you're a professional or hobby rider, the horses comfort and performance should always come first!  

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