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Finding the perfect equestrian competition jacket is essential for horse riders who want to compete in their chosen discipline. With modern designs and technology, it's easy to find a competition jacket that is comfortable as well as stylish and well fitting. 

Which jacket should I be wearing? 

The type of jacket you wear depends on the discipline you ride. If you ride dressage at lower levels, the jacket can be a range of different colours and can also be double breasted (short tail coats), such as the stunning jackets from Fair Play. For higher level classes a set of tails will be required. For jumpers, jacket are always single breasted and have a double or single vent at the back for freedom of movement when jumping over fences. We see more and more colors like bordeaux, dark green, dark purples in the jumper ring. Sometimes even the bright colors like yellow, pink and light blue. Hunters are very classic and should be black or very dark navy. If wearing a shadbelly in hunter or derby classes keep it clean and well fitted. Bling should never distract the judge from the horses performance. For hacking classes, short tail coats or single breasted jackets are ideal, and bling is perfectly acceptable!  

Jackets for hot weather

When competing in summer, an extra lightweight, highly breathable jacket is the perfect option. Many brands now make a perforated mesh fabric jacket for the warmer months, allowing riders to compete comfortably in a jacket without getting too hot. 

Airbag Compatible Show Jackets

Many brands like Horse Pilot, Penelope and Freejump now offer airbag compatible jackets that can be wore over the airbag vests without affecting the functionality of the airbag. These jackets are usually made of very stretchy fabric so you don't feel restricted during riding, also the jacket will not be torn when the airbag exploits.