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Why is a well fitting bridle important? 

The horses bridle is an essential piece of tack for riding. Choosing which type of bridle you use is often dependent on the discipline you ride. However, whichever bridle you decide to use on your horse, it is very important that you ensure the bridle is well fitted. There should be adequate space behind the horses ears to allow them to move freely. The cheek pieces should be the correct length to ensure the bit sits correctly and comfortably in the horses mouth. Of course if you choose a bitless bridle, there are no cheek pieces that attach to a bit. The noseband should sit at the correct height on the horses face and should not be adjusted too tightly. The browband should not sit tightly on the horses head. If all that is taken into account, your horses bridle should fit well and will keep them happy when being ridden. 

As well as fit, style and feel are also important. Ideally your bridle should match your saddle as well as the colour and style of you and your horses look. If you want to add some sparkle to the bridle you can adjust the browband to one with Swarovski or crystal accents. Quality leather is also important as it will ensure your horses comfort and that the bridle will last for many years to come.