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Fetlock boots for horses are designed to protect the hind legs of the horse from brushing and knocking injuries. Generally they are hard shelled on the inside to protect the leg from strike injuries caused from the opposite leg knocking the fetlock. Fetlock boots can be very good to use on young horses who can sometimes be clumsy when working out where their legs are, or if you have a horse who tends to step very close together with their hind legs. 

For jumping horses they come in many different designs, including young horse hind boots and open hind boots which can be used in various competitions depending on the level of the horse and rider. Different materials including TPU, carbon fibre or neoprene are used to provide the protective property of the boots. Modern boots also offer shock absorption and high breathability to avoid over heating the leg during work. 

Brands that offer such modern technology and high performance boots are Zandona, eQuick and Kentucky Horsewear. Not only do they offer the protection factor and high durability, the boots are also deigned to look great too! 

Hind boots or back boots for horses are designed to protect the fetlock area as well as the cannon bone. Generally hind boots are a form of brushing boot designed to be slightly longer for the rear legs. Made from a variety of materials including neoprene, hard plastic, or leather, the boots can also be lined with faux fur or sheepskin for sensitive skinned horses.