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 An essential piece of equipment for any horse rider, saddle pads, saddle blankets or saddle cloths as they're sometimes known, are necessary to wear under your saddle to protect your horse from saddle rubs. As well as offering protection, saddle blankets have become an integral part of equestrian fashion. with many different designs and extensive colour choices available. 

Choosing the right saddle pad? 

The first thing to look out for when choosing a saddle pad is that you choose the correct shaped pad for your saddle. If your horse wears a dressage saddle you'll need to look for dressage shaped saddle blankets. For show jumping and general purpose saddles you'll need a General Purpose pad or GP for short. The dressage pads are generally longer and more rectangular shaped, where as the GP pads are cut to account for the knee roll of the saddle. 

Functional saddle pads

With time comes improved technology and that is certainly the case with saddle blankets. Offering high levels of breathability, anatomic shapes for improved fit under your saddle and on your horses back, moisture wicking and mesh along the spine are just a few of the things to look out for when choosing your horses next saddle pad. 

Sensitive horses

If you have a sensitive skinned horse, sheepskin lined numnah's are a great choice for protecting your horse. Cotton saddle pads are also great for sensitive horses as the natural fibers are generally more breathable, absorb sweat quickly and are soft on the horses skin. 

Saddle pads as a fashion statement

Originally, saddle pads were made from thin cotton fabric in a small quilt pattern in simple colours. Today the designs and colours are endless! Those who want to add some glitz and glam to their show or training outfit can choose from many different styles including shiny fabric, crystal edging and colour-contrasting piping. With an extensive variety of saddle pads available in our shop, including top brands such as Kentucky Horsewear, Equestrian Stockholm, PS of Sweden and Acavallo you're certain to find the perfect pad for you & your horses new look.