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There's a Trust bit for every horse! Trust equestrian helps build the best communication between the rider and the horse through the perfect bit. 15 years ago, Trust started to make the sweet iron bits. Then the leather bits and the Inno Sense bits. Now there are more than 2500 different bits from Trust for you to choose from. 

Handmade in the Netherlands, Trust bits are 100% Dutch. They are all designed, developed and manufactured in the Netherlands with high quality control standards.

The TRUST bits are available in 3 materials (sweet iron, leather, Inno Sense), 22 mouthpieces and 34 cheekpieces. There are an infinite number of combinations possible so that a right bit can be found for every horse.

The distinctive and signature Sweet Iron bits have a recognizable blue color that is created after heating the mouthpiece. The Inno Sense mouthpieces are made of plastic and are often used with young and/or inexperienced horses. The leather bits are hand stitched one by one. They are only available with straight mouthpieces. As a fun fact, mares often response very well to this bit.

How to use a Trust bit: The little Trust horse logo must always look to the left. The little horse should look forward on the left side and toward your horse's chest on the right side. The leather bits should always have the stitching pointing forward.