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Magnetic Boots for Horses

The magnet inside the boots are designed to stimulate the horses blood flow, lymphatic circulation, metabolism as well as muscle regeneration through the body's own magnets. Magnetic boots can be used both in the prevention and treatment of leg injuries. For example, if the horse has inflammation in the legs, the magnetic boots will encourage quicker healing. In this way, it is an ideal drug-free and doping free therapy for riders to use on their horses. 

Ice Boots for Horses

Ice boots are designed to cool the horses legs after exercise or as treatment after injury. Easier then bandaging, and more environmentally friendly then hosing the legs with water for long periods of time, ice boots are a great way to assist in the recovery process after daily training or strenuous exercise. Just like in humans, horses perform their best when they have a specific warm up and cool down routine. Cooling can prevent or reduce inflammation and speed up recovery.