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Large selection of show shirts for every equestrian woman to wear during horse shows and competitions. Show shirts may have long or short sleeves. They must all have white collars and for long sleeve show shirts, they must have white cuffs . In hot weather, riders may be allowed to compete without jackets at the judges’ discretion, wearing shirts with either long or short-sleeves.

These shirts are made of modern technical material specially developed for active wear, so they are lightweight, stretchy, quick dry, and feel like a second skin. Many shirts also have mesh and perforation so they are even more breathable.

Premium brands like Cavalleria Toscana, Vestrum, Ego7, Horse Pilot all have beautiful ladies' show shirts that combine fashion and functionality. They are not only practical and suitable for riding, but also look stunning. The style could be classic, modern, sporty or feminine. Some shirts are very plain and some have all kinds of bright colors and fun designs. Here at EquiZone Online, you will for sure find a show shirt you like!