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Over reach boots 

Overreach boots, often called bell boots are the perfect protection for the horses sensitive heel area. Designed to be worn on the front legs, the bell boots also protect the hoof area to help prevent the horses shoes from coming off, especially during turnout. The bulb of the heel is a place that can easily be bruised or damaged when the horse overreaches with their hind hooves. This is why overreach boots are great to use if your horse extends their hind legs under their body a lot and often connects their hind feet with their front. 

Designs and styles

Available in a wide variety of designs and styles, there are overreach boots that are more designed for training and competition as well as ones that are more suitable for turnout. If you have a sensitive horse you might like to have boots with faux fur on the top to prevent rubbing as well as providing additional comfort. Traditional overreach boots are made from soft rubber and are pulled over the horses hooves rather than fastening them with velcro. These types are generally good for turnout as the horse has less chance of pulling them off. Leading brands such as Zandona, HKM and Kentucky Horsewear all make high quality bell boots.