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If you're searching for a high quality piece of tack for your horse, the Belgian brand Dy'on is what you need. Offering exceptional leather products for horse and rider, Dy'on have been producing bridles, breastplates, chaps and textiles for horse & rider since 1989. 

Brand creator, Philippe Dion, began by producing long chaps. Following the success of the chaps & mini-chaps, riders began requesting bridles for their horses. So in 1994, Philippe took to the challenge of creating bridles to meet the demands of the high level sport market. 

For more than 30 years now, Phillipe Dion has been designing and testing each new model of tack, always with renewed enthusiasm. Dy'ons DNA of well-being, comfort, solidity, durability, all at the right price, can be seen in each piece of equipment created. 

All the materials used to create Dy'ons high quality products are the best on the market. The leather is sourced in Europe and expertly tanned for quality & durability. Each hide is checked and inspected before being sent to the workshop. 

A happy horse makes a happy rider. The basis for a healthy and harmonious relationship with your horse is respect and understanding. All Dy'on products are designed and manufactured with this in mind. 

Dy'on is known for their exceptional service throughout the equestrian world. By offering a guarantee on all Dy'on products against manufacturing defects, imperfections or abnormal wear and tear of raw materials, you know you're purchasing products you can trust. 

With the ongoing innovation and development Dy'on have established a range of collections to suit each market across the globe. 

The Dy'on or D Collection is known for it's beauty. All D Collection tack is finished with cream-coloured stitching and brass fittings for a stunning look. Made from Dy'on leather, it's exceptional style makes it Dy'ons most popular collection, with elegance and fine details never failing to impress. All the D Collection bridles come with the special S-shaped headpiece for comfort and performance. Although designed with jumping in mind, the collection is suitable for all types of horses & equestrian disciplines. 

The New English Collection offers the same features and technical properties as the D Collection, however the items feature silver fittings and stitching in the same colour as the leather. As with the D Collection, the New English Collection is made entirely from Dy'on Leather. Incredibly popular with high level riders, the tack from this collection is designed for those who aim for more discretion whilst combining quality & comfort. All bridles feature the special S-shaped headpiece for comfort and performance. Developed with show jumpers in mind, the collection is certainly not limited to show jumpers. It can be used in all equestrian disciplines and fits many breeds of horses. 

The Hunter Collection is a premium line intended for the American market. The collection combines Dy'on leather, steel fittings and cream coloured fancy stitching to meet the demands of the American riders in both the Hunter and Jumper rings. The range includes bridles, standing martingales, breastplates and reins. The classic, simple look makes it ideal for any one wanting a comfortable piece of high quality tack for their horse, you don't have to be a hunter rider or live in America to order this stunning collection. 

The Dressage Collection was added to the Dy'on line nearly 10 years ago. 5 years after creating the collection, Phillipe Dion had the privilege of making over the collection with Morgan Barbancon Mestre and Helen Langehanenberg (the world's top dressage rider at the time). With these two top dressage riders insights, the ideal dressage bridle for high-level competitions was created. All the linings are made with sheep leather, rather than cow leather as it is more supple and softer. Given that beauty and looks are very important when choosing a dressage bridle, the Dressage Collection offers a wide selection of finishes including matte and patent leather, white or tone in tone finishes as well as a huge number of stunning browbands to choose from. 

The Working by Dy'on Collection os the basic, entry-line collection. As the name suggests it is ideal for daily work and is made up of some of Dy'ons most popular products. With many different models available, there is something for all disciplines. The tack from this collection is made of buffalo leather for sturdiness and strength. This robust leather, with its more pronounced grain, can be recognised by its rustic looking finish. The collection is incredibly functional, combining Dy'on quality at a lower cost. Working by Dy'on products are covered by a one year warranty on manufacturing and raw materials defects.