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Equestrian air vests or airbags offer the rider an added layer of protection. In the event of a fall, the airbag will inflate before the rider reaches to ground. With modern technology, the air vests are now more lightweight, breathable and comfortable, you'll hardly know you're wearing one! 

Compatable show or casual jackets allow you to comfortably wear your vest under your outer layer, or they can easily be worn over non-bulky items, such as your competition jacket. 

After the airbag has been deployed, the gas cartridge can be easily replaced, making the vest fully usable after a fall. We recommend watching a video on how to change the cartridge to ensure it is done correctly. If you require assistance be sure to get in touch with us. 

At EquiZone we stock many of the top brands in Air Vests including Freejump, Helite, Horse Pilot and Cavalleria Toscana.