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Keep your self safe in the saddle with an equestrian air vest. Designed for horse riding, the airbag vest provides an extra layer of protection, inflating quickly in the event of a fall, helping to cushion your impact before hitting the ground and helping to give you peace of mind every time you ride. 

How does an equestrian air vest work? An equestrian air vest, a vital piece of safety equipment for horse riding, is ingeniously designed to activate when a rider falls from the horse. This horse riding airbag vest is connected to the saddle via a lanyard. In the event of a fall, the rider's departure from the saddle triggers the vest's inflation mechanism as the lanyard detaches, causing the air vest to inflate rapidly. This swift inflation process, typically occurring in just milliseconds, creates a protective barrier around the rider’s torso, particularly helping to protect the spine, ribs, and collarbone from impact. Quickly becoming a must have for show jumping, the vest's advanced technology ensures immediate response in critical moments. Post-deployment, the air vest can be reset for future use by replacing the CO2 cartridge, which is central to the inflation system. 

What should I wear with an air vest when horse riding? Our wide range of air vests for horse riding are compatible with both show and casual jackets, allowing you to wear your air vest seamlessly under outer layers or easily over the top of non bulky items like your competition jacket. This ensures both safety and style are uncompromised. 

Can you use an air vest after inflation? Following deployment, the air vests cartridge can quickly and easily be replaced, restoring the vest to full functionality after a fall. We recommend viewing instructional videos for correct cartridge replacement, and our team at EquiZone is always ready to assist you.

Where can I buy replacement cartridges for my air vest? We always recommend ordering a few additional cartridges directly when ordering your vest, however, you can always order additional cartridges at any time here

At EquiZone, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of top brands in equestrian airbag vests including Freejump, Horse Pilot and Seaver which cater to every riders needs for both performance and peace of mind. 

Key Features: 

  • Equestrian air vests are specifically designed for horse riding
  • Rapid inflation of the vest for protection in the event of a fall
  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable designs
  • Compatible with a number of show jackets and casual outwear, or simply wear over non-bulky items
  • Easily replace gas cartridges after a fall for continued use
  • Stocked with leading brands: Freejump, Freejump for Penelope Collection, Horse Pilot and Seaver