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Tendon Boots - tendon boots or open front boots are generally (but not limited to) used in show jumping and eventing. Designed to protect the horses front tendons and ligaments from the hind hoofs striking the front legs, open front jumping boots are made from tough material that will protect the horses legs from such impacts. Modern technology ensures that the tendon boots are now lightweight, shock absorbing as well as highly breathable to prevent the legs from over heating. 

Because of the location and structure of the horses front leg tendons, they are prone to damage and are often a part of the horses anatomy that is damaged during show jumping or cross country or through damaging the fibers when unfit horses are asked to perform above their current fitness level. 

As with all injuries, they can be catastrophic to the horses career, with even minor injuries forcing the horse into box rest and large unwelcome vet bills. By investing in high quality tendon boots for daily training, competition and hacking you can help to reduce the chances of your horse sustaining an unnecessary tendon injury. 

At EquiZone Online, we offer a large range of Tendon boots for both high performance sport horses as well as amateurs or home riders. Some of the best options include Italian made Zandona and eQuick as well as Kentucky Horsewear which offer innovation and leading technology to provide the best protection to your horses legs. With so many colors and designs now available, there are tendon boots to match all your horses outfits. 

By providing high quality protection to one of your horses most vulnerable you know that you're doing all you can to help prevent an injury. Don't risk an injury, purchase a quality pair of tendon boots for your horses legs today, you won't regret the investment.