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Riding boots and chaps are an essential, if not the most important part of an equestrian rider's outfit. They serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. So they must be very comfortable and also look good. 

Traditional riding boots are all made of leather. But nowadays thanks to technology innovation, there are also all kinds of riding boots made of vegan leather and other durable and stretching synthetic material. 

For riding, there are tall boots, short boots or paddock boots, and chaps to choose from. Tall boots are more suited for competitions since they look very clean and elegant. The combination of short boots and chaps are preferred by jumping riders to ride in at home  since they are practical and can be easily put on and taken off. However the tall boots are getting so much more comfortable that many riders wear them at home too.

Field boots have laces on the front and dress boots are the ones without. They are just two different styles. The lace on the front serves no functional purposes. 

You can also customize your boots and chaps with a lot of brands, such as Dy'on. 

Choosing the right size is vital. You need to know your shoe size, the circumference of the widest part of your calf, and the height of your lower leg (the length from the floor to the back of the knee). Check out the size charts from every brand on our website to choose your size or simply email us your measurements and we can find the right size for you. When the standard sizes don't fit, you can also have the boots custom made.

The newest invention in riding boots is the elastic pull-on boots such as the Teknit Boots from Horse Pilot and the Contact Boots from Ego7. They are so stretchy that they are one size fits all. You only need to choose your shoe size.