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When it comes to providing your horse with the best in outdoor comfort and protection, look no further than EquiZone's extensive Turnout Rugs Collection. We offer a wide selection of top-notch turnout rugs, designed to cater to your horse's every need and ensure their well-being in every season.

Improve Your Horse's Comfort and Protection

At EquiZone, we understand that weather conditions can be unpredictable, and your horse's comfort is paramount, that's why we offer a diverse range of outdoor rugs, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your horse, regardless of the weather conditions.

Choosing the Right Turnout Rug

Selecting the ideal turnout rug involves careful consideration of your horse's unique requirements. While winters can be harsh, the sun can provide ample warmth during the day. The stable environment may be cozy, but windy paddocks can quickly turn chilly.

Our outdoor rugs cater to various needs, featuring materials and linings that strike the perfect balance between keeping your horse warm without causing overheating. Additionally, you can choose from different fastening options, tail flaps, leg straps, and more to adjust the rug to your horse's specific requirements.

Comprehensive Range of Outdoor Rugs

EquiZone's Outdoor Rugs Collection offers an array of options, from lightweight to heavyweight, ensuring your horse stays comfortable year-round. Our rugs come in various sizes, accommodating ponies and larger horses alike. 

You can trust that our collection includes top-quality products from renowned brands such as Kentucky Horsewear, Lemieux, Kingsland, Equi-Theme, and more. Whether you're looking for durability, insulation, or specific features, our range has you covered.

Choosing the Right Weight for Your Horse's Rug

Selecting the appropriate filling weight for your horse's outdoor rug depends on several factors, including whether your horse is clipped, its age, and where it spends its time. We have an extensive range of weights, allowing you to choose the ideal outdoor rug for your horses needs. 


Explore EquiZone's Outdoor Rugs Collection today and provide your horse with the ultimate outdoor experience. Your trust in our equestrian essentials is our guarantee of their well-being.