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S1 Safety First Stirrups
S1 Safety First Stirrups
S1 Safety First Stirrups

S1 Safety First Stirrups

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Safe Riding

Color Choco Brown
Cover Royal Blue

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S1 Safety First Stirrups - revolutionising comfort and safety in the saddle, these new stirrups from Italian brand Safe Riding are going the extra mile for riders. If safety is priority for your and your horse these are the stirrups you need!

The inclinable arch on the stirrups opens 90° out to the side and also rotates a full 360° making these stirrups in a league of their own when it comes to safety. In the event of a fall the arch opens to release the foot. Whether you fall forwards, backwards or to the side the stirrup will release.

For many of us, long hours in the saddle often mean painful knees or ankles as a result of poor stirrups. The S1 stirrups take comfort to a new high thanks to a special lateral sliding system. The innovative grips are actually tiny rollers which move with you to help prevent strains on your limbs. Not only that, a soft cushioning, shock absorbing system further helps the riders comfort.

The clever stirrup block means your stirrups can be normally put up without marking your saddle and don't require any special stirrup leathers.

Like to stand out from the crowd? You can customise your new S1 stirrups with a huge range of different colours and styles. The choices are endless!

Once you ride in these stirrups, you'll never go back to anything else again! They really are a must have for anyone looking for superior safety and ultimate comfort.

Available in Choco Brown and Gunmetal Grey with different covers