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Stable Bandages 

Standing wraps for horses are used when the horse is stabled to help prevent or reduce swelling or fill in the horses legs. The stable bandage or wrap usually goes from the knee or hock to just below the fetlock. This helps to protect the horse's legs, tendons and ligaments from knocking injuries that often occur in the smaller space of the stall. 

Comprised of a cotton or quilted fabric, stable bandage pads are the thick part that go under the bandages and offer the protection affect. The bandages, which go over the top of the bandage pads provide the compression affect as well as securing the pads in place. Stable bandages are normally around 4 meters in length compared to an exercise bandage which is generally 3-3.5 meters long. It is very important to know how to put bandages on properly, as fitting them incorrectly can potentially cause damage to the horses legs. 

Exercise Bandages

Just like stable bandages, exercise bandages for horses are mostly used in combination with a bandage pad which offers the padded protection and support during training sessions. They should start just below the knee, to ensure the knee can still move freely, and extend down to protect the pastern joint. When applying the bandage it is important that they are put on evenly to avoid any pressure points or restriction.  

If you are just starting out with bandaging it is very important to have an experienced person show you and observe you a number of times, as its easy to cause damage if you bandage your horses incorrectly. 

Exercise bandages are generally made from polar fleece or a combination of elastic and polar fleece. It is also possible to purchase bandages that are completely elastic if you're needing to compress your horses legs a lot during training.