Your world wide equestrian store - leading brands part one

Your world wide equestrian store - leading brands part one

From the very start our aim at EquiZone Online has always been to offer a place where equestrians from all over the globe can have the opportunity to purchase all their horse equipment, riding apparel and stable essentials in one place. As we've grown we now offer some of the world's leading equestrian brands and are able to give you the best choice when it comes to horse and rider equipment!

In part one of this series of brands we introduce you to some top names as well as some new faces which we hope you'll love as much as we do. 

Kingsland - a favorite of ours for many years, this Norwegian based brand is one of the world's largest manufacturers of equestrian clothing and horse wear. Celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year, Kingsland are dedicated to developing and creating products fully suitable to the unique equestrian way of life. With a reputation for its subtle blend of classic equestrian fashion and contemporary design, season after season Kingsland bring together high quality materials and exclusive designs for riders and horse enthusiasts of all equestrian disciplines.  From what began as a vision from founder Lin E. Kingsrod in her house in 1999, to where Kingsland are today, releasing two huge seasonal collections each year in combination with a classic collection available all year round full of essentials is a huge achievement that is reflected on how the equestrian community today wear the Kingsland label proudly. 

Kingsland Equestrian


Kentucky Horsewear - established in 2011, you could say Kentucky is a very young brand, however, it has quickly grown to be a must-have brand for riders and trainers from all over the world. Taking on a market rich with big name's and brands that have been around for years, Kentucky knew they had to produce something special to stand out from the crowd and that they have very successfully achieved. With an aim to provide high quality and stylish products with extreme protection for your horse during training and competition, Kentucky have certainly gone beyond to develop some incredible products. Worn on some of the world's best horses, Kentucky now offer over 75 products for both horses and dogs with an which all carry an extra "wow" factor. 

Kentucky Horsewear


Manfredi - a second generation family run company, Manfredi lives and breaths in the textile industry which has allowed them to produce exclusive, high quality equestrian clothing. In 2008 the Manfredi line of equestrian apparel was launched, creating high quality riding clothing with elegant and classical styling, allowing riders to dress impeccably without restricting their performance in the ring. Now most famously known for their innovative competition jackets which offer a removable collar to give your jacket a whole new look within seconds, Manfredi continue to develop leading products with timeless looks. Trusted by some of the world's leading riders, Manfredi is a brand you may not have heard of but are certain to fall in love with! 

Manfredi Show Jacket


Dy'on -  when thinking of the best bridles on the market Dy'on certainly springs to mind. Taking comfort for your horse to new levels, Dy'on design and manufacture bridles worn by some of the world's top riders including many former world number one's. With new and innovative designs constantly being produced, Dy'on stay ahead of the competition. As well as world class bridles Dy'on are also famous for their leather chaps. Made in Belgium, the chaps are stamped with Dy'on's renowned logo and also include their trademark range of long leather chaps. 

Dy'on bridles

HKM - a long standing name in the world of equestrian sports dating back to the 1960s, HKM is a brand steeped in tradition. Klaus Engbers father, Hans Engers originally founded the company in 1967 with an initial focus on nappies. In addition to running the then nappy business and it's 30 employees, Hans Engbers and his wife managed a large riding school, which even today remains in the family. The combination of sewing production and a passion for horses eventually led to the manufacturing of textile items for both horse and rider including the first anti-sweat rugs for personal use. But, by the late 80's it became apparent the items were to good to keep only for personal use so products began to be manufactured for direct sales to end customers by mail order (nearly unheard of at the time). Fast forward to today and HKM is one of the largest equestrian manufacturers in the world with a number of sub-brands falling under it's name including Lauria GarrelliCavallino Marino and HKM Pro Team which all offer an incredible range of equestrian products and often dare to be different. HKM truly offer something for all riders and price categories. 

HKM Equestrian


Zandona - offering protection equipment for both horse and rider, Zandona have come to be a market leader in a number of equestrian sports but in particular show jumping and more recently eventing. Zandona's mission is protecting passions with a goal of satisfying customers. 100% made in Italy, the products produced by Zandona offer top quality, smart design and unique craftsmanship. It's flagship line, the top range of protection boots for horses, are completely breathable, provide a superior fit and comfort thanks to the shell which perfectly molds to the horses leg whilst the "no compromises" approach Zandona takes has ensured each size of the entire product range has been developed ergonomically to obtain optimal performance and ensuring the horses well being. 

 Zandona Equestrian products

KEP Italia - founded in 2007, KEP Italia has quickly grown to be one of the largest helmet brands for horse riders in the world. With a desire to design and produce a more comfortable, safe and innovative helmet then any of those that were currently on the market, KEP Italia launched it's first helmet model and has continued to grow from there. Using superior technologies and materials KEP have now established themselves for their glamorous Italian designs and often daring looks all whilst ensuring that each and every helmet carries five different international safety standards. 100% made in Italy from 100% nationally produced raw materials, KEP Italia helmets offer something for riders of any discipline. 

 Kep helmet

Trust Equestrian - used and trusted by many leading riders across the world, Trust have developed a superior range of horse products with a focus on bits. Handcrafted in the Netherlands, trust bits are anatomically shaped and hand welded to allow unique and innovative designs to be produced. Ideas are molded together  in combination with elite riders to allow the best bits to be created for any horse and situation required. Trust bits are completely handmade. Every component is welded together and polished by hand. Offering three different mouthpiece materials, Sweet Iron, Inno Sense and Leather, the Trust range of bits is never ending and can also be handcrafted to your desire. 

 Trust Bit


We're always learning and searching for new products that will essentially help horse and rider and as always, we value our customers opinion first and foremost, therefore we would love for you to tell us what brands or products you'd like to see in our store or think are missing from our range so we can continue to offer you, our customers, the best range at the best prices. 

Our future is in your hands.......


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