Your world wide equestrian store -  leading brands part 2

Your world wide equestrian store - leading brands part 2

From our beginning we have focused on stocking brands we know and trust. Through testing and interaction with the brands we now offer we've put together a superb range for all equestrians across the world. 

In part one we looked at the history of Kingsland, Kentucky Horsewear, Manfredi, Dy'on, HKM, Zandona, KEP Italia and Trust Equestrian. Now we delve into the history of a number of other leading brands we have on offer. 

Makebe - one of the newer brands to our range, Makebe is an Italian brand offering a luxurious range of equestrian products for both horse and rider. Since 1995, founder Stefano Pozza has dedicated himself to manufacturing equestrian products of the highest quality. Designed to provide ultimate comfort, elegance and prestige, MakeBe take quality to a new level with their Italian made range. The timeless classic collection combines the use of modern technology whilst linking tradition and equestrian culture to create a line which can be worn for years to come.

Makebe Equestrian

Ego7 - quickly becoming a leader in the riding boot market, Italian brand Ego7 have truly stamped their name among the best in the equestrian world. Innovation, comfort and style join to create a boot of impeccable Italian design. Every part of the boots is designed to be functional, comfortable and adaptive to all equestrian disciplines. An unbelievably wide choice of sizes, 192 different combinations to be exact, allow you to find a pair of boots off the shelf which fit like a custom made to measure pair. Not only are Ego7 a leader when it comes to riding boots, they have also developed a superb range of equestrian clothing which offers Italian style, superior fit and impeccable looks. From competition jackets to incredible breeches. the Ego7 clothing range is one to love and enjoy.  

 Ego7 Clothing

Acavallo - from the beginning Acavallo's focus has been to create high quality products for the welfare and protection of the horse whilst improving the athletic performance of horse and rider. Founded in 2003, Acavallo quickly became internationally recognsied for their outstanding products. Boasting a 360° knowledge in technical horse equipment, the flagship range is products that use therapeutic gel, the same kind used in health care to promote the health of patience. The combination of gel with natural materials such as sheepskin has created an outstanding range of pads which is used world wide by many riders including multiple Olympic gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin and leading British show jumper Scott Brash. Made in Italy, the materials used are also of Italian origin which guarantees quality and authenticity of the products which have now broadened to include stirrups and a range of protection boots for horses. 


Casco - founded in 1989, the family owned company has focused entirely on producing top quality products with a touch of flair. As a helmet specialist, Casco have spent a lot of time and energy developing solutions that make their helmets as safe, comfortable and flexible to wear as possible. The Casco product range are all produced in Europe so you know you're wearing quality and that your helmet has been manufactured under good working conditions for the employees. With helmets for both children and adults, the Casco range offer helmets for all budgets and styles. 

 Casco Riding Helmet

Fair Play - taking style to new heights, Polish based brand Fair Play are known for their cutting edge looks and modern designs. Founded in 2007, the key competition range is made in Poland. The high quality fabrics, fashionable and unique designs redefine classic equestrian styles. Loved by many across the world, the show jackets manufactured by Fair Play offer affordable, classy looks and quality for riders of all disciplines. 

 Fair Play Show Jacket

Cavalliera - a Hungarian based brand founded in 2007, Cavalliera offer some of the most beautiful rider clothing on the market today. The collections are original, elegant, creative and above all feminine with lace detailing, daring combinations and unique cuts. The brand philosophy is elegant style and sophisticated design which shows through in the entire range on offer. Constantly capturing and staying ahead of trends, Cavalliera's gorgeous range of show jackets, shirts and most recently breeches, not only show the glamorous side of the equestrian world but also the practical as all the garments are cleverly produced to improve rider comfort and performance. If you're one who likes to stay on trend or want to dare to be different, this is the brand for you. 


Cavalor - dedicated to the nutritional needs of high-performance horses, Cavalor was founded in 1989. Building an international reputation as a world leader in equine nutrition, Cavalor has helped thousands of horse owners and competitors understand that proper nutrition and care = top level performance. As a result of intense research and development, thorough testing, selection or the highest quality ingredients and strict manufacturing and quality control processes, Cavalor produce a complete line of horse feed, supplements and care products. With a mission of innovation, quality and results, Cavalor strive to produce the best quality and most effective equine nutritional products. Used and endorsed by many World Champions, Olympic medalists and World cup winners, you know you are feeding the best when you chose the Cavalor range. 


Kavalkade - established in 1932, Kavalkade has developed and distributed equestrian products to the world for over 80 years . With the aim of providing a perfect fit, real functionality and long lasting comfort for horse and rider, the German based brand have grown and developed with the equestrian world. Fair prices and timeless designs are key credentials for Kavalkade who manufacture a wide range of products including bridles, girths, rugs and saddle pads. 

 Kavalkade Sheepskin Bridle


Lorenzini - the world's first company to use titanium in the technology of riding equipment, Lorenzini manufacture a range of high quality stirrups, spurs and bits designed for superior performance. Made in Italy the range offer elegance, high aesthetic appeal and original design. Professionally designed, every detail has been thought of from the harmony of the lines to the exclusive colours used. The unique properties of titanium include bio compatibility, lightness and strength which make it the perfect choice for equestrians.  Chosen by many top riders, including the world's leading event rider Michael Jung, the Lorenzini range are sure to impress you and your horse. 


We're always learning and searching for new products that will essentially help horse and rider and as always, we value our customers opinion first and foremost, therefore we would love for you to tell us what brands or products you'd like to see in our store or think are missing from our range so we can continue to offer you, our customers, the best range at the best prices. 

Our future is in your hands.......


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