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Acavallo - innovation for horse & rider

Acavallo stands as a leading Italian innovator in the equestrian world. Established in 2003, Acavallo has revolutionized both horse and rider comfort with their comprehensive range of products. Renowned globally, particularly for their therapeutic gel pads which utilize advanced materials also used in the health care industry, you know that when you choose an Acavallo product for your horse that you'll be receiving the best. 

Beyond their ever popular range of gel pads, Acavallo has diversified into memory foam pads which ensure optimal comfort, fit and performance. The brand's commitment to excellence also extends to their range of horse protection, which includes tendon and fetlock boots as well as transport boots and tail protection. 

Recognizing the needs of riders, Acavallo have cleverly developed the much-celebrated seat saver range, which are designed to enhance comfort and stability in the saddle. For those seeking further comfort, Acavallo offer a range of cleverly designed stirrups which will help with issues such as knee or hip pain. 

Bridles and horse tack is one of Acavallo's latest developments. Crafted from fine Italian leather, the bridles are all anatomic with an extra wide, incredibly softly padded head piece to ensure as much comfort as possible for your horse. The wide range of horse rugs is also a testament to Acavallo's commitment to horses comfort, ensuring your horse remains cozy and protected against the weather, whatever the conditions. 



Acavallo's Mission

  • Create products for the welfare and protection of the horse that can help to improve the athletic performance of both horse & rider. 
  • Become a point of reference for the rider - professional or amateur. 
  • Ensuring high quality products thanks to a long-standing know how in the equestrian industry.