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When it comes to sourcing premium tack for your horse, Dy'on, the renowned Belgian brand, stands as the epitome of excellence. With a legacy spanning over three decades, Dy'on has been crafting top-tier bridles, breastplates, chaps, textiles, and more since 1989.

Dy'on's Remarkable Journey:

Dy'on's journey commenced with Philippe Dion, the brand's visionary creator, who initially ventured into the equestrian world by producing long leather chaps. As the success of the chaps and mini-chaps soared, riders began to seek high-quality bridles to complement their tack collection. In 1994, Philippe accepted the challenge and embarked on creating bridles tailored to the exacting demands of the high-level sport market.

For more than three decades, Philippe Dion has been the driving force behind Dy'on, personally designing and rigorously testing each new piece of tack with unyielding enthusiasm. Dy'on's DNA, characterized by well-being, comfort, solidity, durability, and affordability, is embedded in every meticulously crafted item.


Exceptional Materials, Superior Quality:

Dy'on's commitment to excellence extends to the choice of materials. The brand sources the finest European leather, expertly tanned to ensure superior quality and durability. Each hide undergoes rigorous inspection before it enters the workshop, guaranteeing that only the best materials are used.

Putting Well-Being First: At Dy'on, the cornerstone of a healthy and harmonious horse-rider relationship is respect and understanding. Every Dy'on product is meticulously designed and manufactured with your horse's well-being in mind, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction.


Unparalleled Service and Trust: Dy'on is renowned throughout the equestrian world for its exceptional service. Offering a guarantee on all Dy'on products against manufacturing defects, imperfections, or abnormal wear and tear of raw materials, Dy'on instills unwavering trust in its customers.

Tailored Collections for Global Markets: Driven by a commitment to innovation and development, Dy'on has curated a diverse range of collections to cater to riders across the globe.

Dy'on Collection Highlights:

  1. D Collection: Renowned for its beauty, the D Collection features cream-colored stitching and brass fittings for a stunning aesthetic. Crafted from Dy'on leather, this collection exudes elegance and meticulous detailing, making it Dy'on's most sought-after line. Featuring the special S-shaped headpiece for unparalleled comfort and performance, the D Collection is suitable for various horses and equestrian disciplines.

  2. New English Collection: Sharing the technical properties of the D Collection, the New English Collection features silver fittings and stitching that matches the leather color. Popular among high-level riders, this collection combines discretion, quality, and comfort. With the same S-shaped headpiece, it's versatile across equestrian disciplines and horse breeds.

  3. US/Hunter Collection: Tailored for the American market, the US/Hunter Collection combines Dy'on leather, steel fittings, and cream-colored fancy stitching. Its classic, simple look appeals to riders seeking comfortable, high-quality tack, whether they're in the Hunter or Jumper rings.

  4. Dressage Collection: Launched nearly a decade ago, the Dressage Collection underwent refinement with insights from top dressage riders, Morgan Barbancon Mestre and Helen Langehanenberg. This collection prioritizes beauty and offers a wide range of finishes, including matte and patent leather, white or tone-in-tone options, and a multitude of stunning browbands. Lined with supple sheep leather, this collection meets the demands of high-level dressage competitions. You can choose between flat or rolled leather, large or medium sized nosebands as well crank or swedish nosebands. 

  5. Working by Dy'on Collection: The basic, entry-line collection, Working by Dy'on, is tailored for daily equestrian work. Crafted from sturdy buffalo leather with a rustic finish, this collection is highly functional and offers Dy'on quality at an accessible price point. Covered by a one-year warranty, Working by Dy'on products are designed for durability and versatility across disciplines.

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