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Anatomical bridles are designed to reduce pressure on the horses sensitive facial nerves and poll. Ergonomically shaped bridles promote the well being of the horse, improving freedom of movement and comfort which allows them to perform better when ridden. Generally anatomic bridles have an ergonomically shaped, padded and cut back headpiece which offers more space and freedom of the ear base. The nosebands are padded and anatomically cut for further comfort. Some anatomic bridles are also designed to avoid the temporal and zygomatic bones on the side of the face, again, this further promotes the horses comfort. 

Anatomical bridles have the advantage of reducing pressure to sensitive areas on the horses head and face. As all horses are different the results of using an anatomic bridle will vary from horse to horse, however you will generally see that a horse will be more relaxed, they will rub their face less during or after work and their freedom of movement will often improve. 

If your horse does any of the following a well fitter anatomic bridle might be the solution for you (but we of course recommend consulting your vet or physio)

  • Your horse is a head shaker
  • Wants to rub their head during walk breaks or after their workout
  • Your horse fights or resists contact
  • Your horse reacts negatively to poll pressure

Should you require any assistance in finding the perfect bridle for your horse, one of our experienced team members will be happy to assist you.