Why your horse should be using a Trust bit

Why your horse should be using a Trust bit

If you're not yet familiar with Trust bits let us introduce you to the wonderful range. Made 100% in the Netherlands by hand, the Trust bit range is so extensive you're certain to find exactly what you're looking for! To give you the numbers, Trust bits are available in 3 different materials: Inno Sense, Leather or Sweet Iron, 20 varying mouthpieces and 31 different cheek pieces, put all those numbers together and you really have a wide selection to chose from. 

All the bits you see in the Trust collection are designed, developed and made in the Netherlands. The bits are made from the best materials available and produced with the greatest care and quality to detail so therefore the standard of each bit is very high. Each Trust bit is completely handmade from start to finish. The components are each welded together and polished by hand. Anatomically shaped, the balance created between shape, material and weight is always taken into account when producing each bit. Each bit is slightly curved so that they are better shaped towards the horses mouth, which in turn greatly improves comfort and performance. Thanks to the anatomical shape, the bit lies much better in the horses mouth and the pressure is better distributed, again further improving comfort and performance. Ideas for new bits are created together with top competition riders and later the concept is designed followed by the production of the first prototype. 

As mentioned, Trust use three different materials for the mouthpieces of their bits: Sweet Iron, Inno Sense or Leather. Each different material is great for different purposes or horses. 


Sweet Iron

The Trust Sweet Iron bits are made from steel and have the very recognizable blue colour which is developed by briefly heating the sweet iron. Sweet Iron is designed to rust, which it does when it comes into contact with (air) humidity. The rust surface is what gives the sweet taste horses love and in turn naturally stimulates the saliva production, causing the horse to salivate more, which will encourage them for a better acceptance of the bit. If you don't use your Sweet Iron bit for awhile, an orange-brown rust layer will form on the mouthpiece. You can remove this by simply wiping over the mouthpiece with a damp cloth. 

 Trust Sweet Iron Dee Bit

Inno Sense

Especially popular for young or very sensitive horses, the Inno Sense bits are made from a synthetic material which is FDA approved. That means the material does not contain any plasticizers and is non-toxic to both animals and people. This makes it great for horses with allergies too! The flexi soft range are completely flexible and are the softest of the Inno Sense collection. The Mullen or Ported mouth pieces are available in soft or hard and contain a steel rod which means they are not flexible but still have the soft or hard Inno Sense outer. Generally horses that are ridden in the Inno Sense range follow the hand and accept the bit smoothly. 

Trust Inno Sense Dee Bit


A remarkable sight to see, the Trust leather range are brilliant for sensitive mouthed horses. The core of the leather bits are made from reinforced nylon, whilst the leather is stitched around the core. Naturally tanned, without chemicals, the saliva produced by horses softens the leather making it more pleasant for the horse. The flexibility and combination with the taste of the leather encourages the horse to relax. 

 Trust Leather Dee Bit

So whether you're searching for a combination Hackamore for your sensitive jumper, a set of Weymouth and Bradoon bits for your dressage horse or your young horses first bit, we're certain you'll find the perfect bit for your horse among the Trust range! If you're not sure exactly what would be best for your horse, be sure to get in touch with one of our team members who will be able to assist you in finding the perfect but for you and your horses needs. 

 All Trust bits are now delivered with a fantastic Trust towel which is perfect for storing and cleaning your Trust bits. 

Can't find the bit you're looking for? Just send us an email or message and we'll let you know what options may be available for you. 

 Source: https://www.trust-equestrian.com/

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