La Cense and Dy'on Combine

La Cense and Dy'on Combine

La Cense, an equestrian training concept based on the human-horse relationship gives everyone the means to communicate with horses. By combining with leading bridle manufacture, Dy'on, a range of products that allow an intimate connection between horse and rider have been developed. 

A background of La Cense

The La Cense method offers a program built around horse training and equine ethology, the science that studies horse behavior. The program creates a graduation of exercises as the partnership develops over time. 

To begin with, it begins with knowing the nature of the horse. Ethology gives us knowledge about the animal and the way it lives, communicates and learns. It states, as equestrians are aware, that the horse's nature is different from ours which is why it is important to know and understand how horses think and act so we can improve our relationship with them. 

The method suggests that the rider is an instructor who works with the horses mind, not just it's body. It is important, therefore, to explain things to the horse, to convince them of doing something rather than forcing it to act under your will. As the instructor we must find a means to get the horse to understand and do what it is being asked to do and to express it's full physical potential. 

How the Dy'on La Cense range was developed

The creator of Dy'on, Philippe Dion met technical director of La Cense Manuel Godin at the 2018 Paris Horse Fair. Although it seems the two men come from very different horse backgrounds, one with a focus on the high level sport, the other an ethological riding concept, the two united and came to the conclusion that in fact, both sides can work simultaneously together and that they both have the same objectives at heart, being the comfort, well-being and training of the horse. The collection was born with their respective ideas and experiences with the horse as the common denominator. Their collaboration has produced this exciting new collection. 

The La Cense Collection

Included in the new range are a Bitless Bridle, a Bridle with a Basic Cavesson Noseband, matching Reins, a Training Halter and a Transport Halter. Each product has been carefully produced from the high quality products to ensure your horses well being and allowing the rider to develop a deep connection with the horse. The collection is produced from full grain water buffalo leather, with a vegetable tanning developed specifically for the La Cense collection. Stainless steel buckles and same coloured stitching give the equipment a great look for daily training. The headpiece of the bridles are specifically developed by Dy'on for comfort and ergonomics whilst the extra supple browband allows for comfort over the temples. 


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