Ten Things That The Best Riders In The World Deliberately Don't Do

Ten Things That The Best Riders In The World Deliberately Don't Do

The best riders in the world always make everything seem easy. If you want to be successful yourself, it is of course logical that you mirror yourself to them. You want to do what they do to become as good as them. But a successful rider also deliberately does not do many things... 

1. They don't worry about situations beyond their control

Whether it's the opponents, the jury or the weather, a good rider knows that he/she is solely responsible for his/her performance. They won't waste their energy on things they have no control over. This selective use of your energy has a positive influence on your focus. When you are in the warm up and thinking about what the opponent looks like and how well she can ride, you have already wasted valuable time in which you could have improved yourself or your horse.

2. They don't take lessons to tease their ego

We all have an ego that likes it when it is caressed, but when you're on a horse that's not the right time. Giving compliments while the exercise is not being performed properly is like cheating on an exam. Successful riders are looking for knowledge. They want to learn constantly and the only way to learn new things is to know when you're doing it right and when you're not. Good riders know there is no value in undeserved compliments.

3. They don't expect immediate results

Good things take time. Horses need even more of that time. Successful riders accept this and take the rest and time to let the horse process new things.

4. They have no excuses

No explanation needed, right? You can blame the jury, your horse or everyone around you, however, ultimately the rider is the one who has the greatest influence on performance. Successful riders are honest and confront themselves.

5. They don't have a different trainer every week

Good riders know that there must be a system in place to ultimately achieve a goal. There are several roads that lead to Rome, but in the end you have to follow one to get there.

6. They don't expect the horse to be a better athlete than themselves

The fact is that your horse has to carry you. But it is unfair to expect the best from a horse when the rider is in his way. Successful riders work on themselves, allowing them to add value to the horse and improve him in the best possible way.

7. They don't think they can achieve their goal all by themselves

For riders it is important to have a specialized and dedicated group of people around them. These are for example nutritionists, veterinarians, honest coaches and friends. It is important to have these people around you and to take good care of them. You cannot do it alone.

8. They do not suffer from extreme competition tension

An exciting competition can do strange things to riders. Just before a competition you decide to adjust a new saddle, you suddenly need a new bridle or you decide to put on the new leather boots so that you can dazzle the competition. Riders who have achieved their goals often have systems, equipment and management they believe in. As a result, there is hardly any extreme tension present.

9. They don't listen to everyone

Not everything you are told, what you hear and what you read is necessarily true or valuable to you. Make sure you listen to the people who are involved with you. Of course it is sometimes smart to listen to others, but make sure that you deal with this information objectively and selectively.

10. They don't get frantic about past mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes and when there are horses in the game everyone makes a lot of mistakes. Just don't worry about the mistakes you made in the past. If you want to achieve your goals, you will have to learn from your mistakes and then continue with your training.



Source: Paardensport Vlaanderen

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