Magnetic Therapy - What's all the fuss

Magnetic Therapy - What's all the fuss

Magnets have been around for thousands of years. In recent times the equestrian industry have realised the huge benefits magnetic therapy can offer horses. As a drug-free, non-invasive therapy it is a fantastic method, that even the worlds top riders use on their very best horses. In situations that would normally require pharmaceuticals or hot or cold treatment, magnetic therapy steps in to restore your horse to it's peak performance, reduce recovery time and help to relieve tired, aching joints and muscles. As well as helping with injuries, magnetic therapy can also be used to maintain your horses top performance.

Which horses benefit from magnetic therapy? The simple answer is just about all, however, there are some specific conditions that magnetic therapy is especially beneficial for including the following:

- soft tissue injuries: tendonitis, bowed tendons, chronic tension, muscular strains, sprains, general stiffness and bruising.

- muscle, tendon & cartilage injuries.

- ligament inflammations

- bone conditions: arthritis, bucked shins

- osteoporosis

- circulatory problems

- hoof conditions: navicular disease, laminitis, poor hoof growth

 Magnetic Boots

Zandona Therapeutic Support Boots Air

Does your horse suffer from one of the above or you're just looking for something to relieve and relax them after a particularly strenuous workout? Or perhaps injury prevention is on the top of your list? Keep reading!

To understand how magnetic therapy works, we need to take a brief look at the aim of injury treatments. With most injuries, the biggest aim is to enhance the healing process by increasing the circulation of blood to the injured area to allow for quick healing. By improving the cellular function, the injured area is able to heal quicker and return to it's normal condition. Often treatment involves anti-inflammatories to trigger this response, however magnetic therapy offers a natural, non-invasive way of offering similar treatment.

Magnetic therapy is believed to positively effect ion exchange and regulation within the cell, which aids in the cells ability to return to it's normal resting potential and assisting in rehabilitation. To put it more into perspective, every cell in a horses body (and our own) maintains a resting electrical potential which is regulated by the cells membrane. When your horse is injured or suffering one of the conditions mentioned above, the cells membrane is altered which can then result in pain and inflammation. By using magnets the blood vessels dilate, allowing more blood to flow to the area to aid in the healing process.

Here's a basic run down of some of the positive effects magnetic therapy can offer your horse:

- anti-inflammatory

- increase of micro-circulation in cartilage

- acceleration of lactic absorption process

- acceleration of eliminating toxins

- acceleration of ontogenesis process

- acceleration of cellular processes


Not really sure exactly how strong the magnets are in magnetic boots and if they'll really have an effect on your horse? Take a look at this short video of the brilliant, top of the range, eQuick eBoots AeroMagneto which shows the magnetic field the boots offer. From the video you can really see where the magnets are thanks to the Magnetometer!


Magnetic therapy can also be used as an injury preventative. By increasing elasticity to muscles and allowing the return of normal range of motion, the chances of injury are greatly decreased.

This fantastic video demonstrates how the Kentucky Magnetic Wraps work to help manage and prevent injury.



As well as stable boots and wraps, Zandona also offer a range of tendon and fetlock boots that can be used for daily riding. The permanent magnet used is composed of a highly magnetic alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with a Nickel coating, capable of exerting a magnetic flux density of 2600 Gauss. It was found, in various tests with the help of veterinarians and professional riders, that the use of this device placed near the muscle-tendon apparatus greatly decreased the limbs fatigue as it induce an increase in vascular blood-flow and lymphatic-circulation, with multiple beneficial effects. The benefits induced by increased vascular blood-flow and by the magnetic polarization, ascertainable on horses as humans, are anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, bones and joint articulation strengthening, as well as acceleration of the process of toxin expulsion and of absorption of muscles lactic-acid. These benefits lead to the improvement of movements and the jumping performance of horses wearing the tendon and fetlock boots .


Zandona Carbon Air Balance Tendon Boots

Zandona Carbon Air Balance Fetlock Boots

As you can see, magnetic therapy offers a huge range of benefits to injuries, several conditions seen commonly in horses as well as aiding in prevention and recovery. Just think, the investment in a pair of magnetic therapy boots could save you huge costs in the long term.


Below is a short list of warnings for magnetic boots according to Italian brand Zandona:

-        In presence of injuries, do not use in the acute phase (first 5 days)!

-        Do not use in the presence of visible bruising, open wounds, bleeding, injury or not treated infections because the magnetic effect could contribute to expand the area affected by these diseases!

-        Do not use in combination with anti-inflammatory pharmaceutics, blood thinners or ointments active in the areas affected by the magnetic treatment!

-        Do not use in presence of pacemaker!

-        Do not use during pregnancy!

-        This is not a medical device!

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