KEP ITALIA Helmets - what's on offer

KEP ITALIA Helmets - what's on offer


With new safety standards coming in across the world we take a look at one of the leading brands, Kep Italia, and what they bring to the table.

When we think of quality, we think of Italy and the endless lines of fashion and style available. Kep Italia has taken riding helmets to the next level thanks to the elegance and variety their helmets offer.  Kep have developed a superior range of helmets starting from the simple "Smart" model right through to the top of the line "Stones" collection, as well as everything in between. There really is a helmet for everyone!

Each Kep helmet has been developed and designed with the most important intention - optimising protection with a selection of materials that ensures a perfect fit as well as maximum comfort. The helmet design is another fundamental factor as it immediately grabs the attention of the public and wins them over with their stylish looks. Falling in love with a Kep helmet is easy, the creativity Kep's have ensures you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Shiny, matt, metal, colour, Swarovski, lace, velvet, stones, carbon, leather, glitter -  a small selection of what your new Kep Helmet could include!

Kep Cromo Metal Brown


Inner Pads

All Kep helmets come in two shell sizes; M which allows for inner pads from size 51 through to 58 and L which accommodates inner pads from size 59 to 62. Completely washable, the inner pads are ideal for those long, hot summers. Simply remove the inner pad and throw it in the washing machine so that your helmet always remains fresh. The inner pad is attached directly to an anatomical cushion that fits perfectly to the nape of the neck which ensures full comfort and breathability thanks to the highly technical materials. Made from Coolmax paired with open cell filters and extremely soft microfibers with sanitized treatment. Inner pads must be purchased separately in the size you require. Another fantastic option available is the winter inner pad which perfectly protects your ears against the cold and wind during the colder months. For light coloured helmets a beige inner pad is also available.


A fantastic detail that every Kep helmet features is a special "air vent". Each helmet is fitted with a central lever which moves from the bottom to the top, allowing air circulation to be controlled. A second steel grid has been fixed the the front grid to further protect the head from any external objects entering. The visor is completely flexible to prevent breakage in the event of a fall.

Air Control

Air vents throughout the helmet ensure you remain at a cool, comfortable temperature whilst riding.


A 5 connection point strap made entirely from soft and washable, anti-allergy leather provides all Kep helmets with greater stability. The safety rivets are applied using a particular and specific system.


5 Safety Standards with all Kep Helmets

Yes you've read correctly. Where many brands only carry one or two safety standards Kep have gone the extra mile and have five!

CE VG1 01.040 2014-12
This European Standard was adopted for all the equestrian hats and Jockey helmets according to the British Standards. This Standard represents a forward step with respect to the previous standards issued by British Certification Bodies. It is recognised on a European level and by many Countries with the exception of some Countries that adopted Standards with even stricter parameters. One particular new detail: the use of a chin-rest is no longer permitted because in the event of falls it could cause damage to the jawbone.
This Standard is used and recognised by American and Canadian markets and requires very high safety levels for horse riding helmets. It requires the performance of stricter tests on the helmets. The SEI mark is an American Certification Mark, similar to the British BSI; it constantly ensures the certified products always follow the specific standards and regulations and their construction and manufacturing process is top quality.
This Standard is issued by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Kitemark is BSI’s registration mark and can only appear on products exclusively certified by them, which are periodically tested and controlled to ensure they are compliant with the standards and regulations in force.
IC Mark EN1384
Is an English Certification that ensures that the manufacturer’s products have passed the tests outlined by the Standards EN 1384:2012 and are compliant with the quality requirements established by the INSPEC IC Mark Schemes pursuant to the INSPEC Regulations. The IC Mark ultimately proves that the Manufacturer has reached and can maintain a high production quality level, and that the Company is capable of producing safe high quality products.
PAS015: 2011 KITE MARK
This Standard has been developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) in response to a long wait for the formulation of that which would then become EN1384. The first version has been formulated in careful compliance with the European Standard and applying maximum consideration to each case. After the official publication of the EN1384 in 1997, a few differences were noted between this latter and PAS015, leading to the revision of PAS015 in 1998 in order to eliminate those differences and identify new protection areas, as resistance to crushing and protection against damage in the event of falls on sharp surfaces. A stability test is also performed in order to limit the excessive movement of the horse riding helmet while wearing it or during a fall.
Kep helmets have so much to offer. They really are a class above the rest both in safety and style. The passion that Kep Italia has had since being founded in 2007 shows they are dedicated to providing riders across the world with the best possible! So when you're choosing your next helmet make sure you take a look at what Kep Italia have to offer.

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