Gel & PVC Short Girth New Lining: Tested & Reviewed

Gel & PVC Short Girth New Lining: Tested & Reviewed

Review by Tyler Bradshaw:

Ok, so I like to think of myself as somewhat of a girth aficionado, I find myself naturally pulled towards the more upmarket girth (I’m sure it’s a disorder that I alone, do not suffer from!!!!)

Recently I had been eyeing up the Acavallo anatomical short girth, mostly because I needed a short girth for my small young horse and didn’t want to cough up huge amounts if he was going to expand out of it! I was shocked at the price in comparison to my preferred brands (I usually use the Stübben Equi-Soft which is a fantastic girth too).

On purchase: something that did catch my eye was the gel shock absorption on the inside of the girth which eliminates pinching & relieves pressure on the abdomen enabling a tight close fitting girth without discomfort, something that has actually encouraged my advanced horse to relax his topline and come over the back much more effectively. He has a large area of scar tissue from an invasive colic surgery and the gel cushions this area beautifully. It’s contoured to fit around the elbow which I’ve found really maximises freedom of movement. It also boasts an airflow pattern integrated into the gel pad elements. This improves flexion, breathability and reduces sweat build up.

I also find that for the horses that perhaps are enjoying Christmas too much and haven’t quite hit their ‘summer body goals’ yet, it really helps stabilise saddles, keeping them central without any diagonal or lateral shifting. This doesn’t just stop with the slightly rounder frame but also anything that likes to keep its feet off the ground!

This comfort girth is made from composite material & soft eco leather. It has a sophisticated safety fastening hook and a D ring attachment designed to eliminate need for additional snap hooks for martingales and the like, creating a smooth safe connection. I find myself using it on many of my horses! I’ve not found one horse that doesn’t go better in it so I guess that begs the question.....does the best gear always need to be the most expensive?


Are you looking for a perfect girth for your horse? Gel & PVC Short Girth New Lining is available here.


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