7 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Equestrians

7 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Equestrians

Only two weeks left until Christmas! Have you already bought all your Christmas presents?

Christmas gift shopping can be a difficult task and getting the perfect gift can seem impossible! But don’t worry - we have made a list of ideas for you to ensure you can give the perfect equestrian inspired gift!

Any of these gifts will make your friend, trainer, stable manager or any other equestrian happy - just pick the ones you like!

Kentucky Toys

One of the cutest and most popular items this year - Kentucky Toys for horses. These relaxing horse toys are the ideal stable buddies! Not only nice to look at, they also give the horses something to play with. When the horse puts pressure on the toy’s belly, it produces a cracking plastic sound, a sound that intrigues the horses and keeps them entertained. 

It is a perfect gift for anyone and will bring joy to both horse & rider. 

Kingsland Fleece Blanket

Everyone gets cold during winter! That is why this Kingsland blanket will make anybody happy. Getting someone a blanket as a gift is a great way to show you care about them. It is almost like giving them a big warm hug - just in the form of a blanket! 


Kingsland Key Ring KLIngmar

A keyring is a perfect and a universal gift! Everyone could find a use for it - it can be used as a lucky charm on a favorite purse, an accessory for a bridle/boot/rug bag or just a keyring for your keys. You can get matching keychains for yourself and somebody you cherish as a symbol for your friendship.  

Equestrian Stockholm Saddle Blanket Faded Fuchsia

There is no better way to express your fondness towards someone than this mesmerizing saddle blanket. The amazing deep colours could become an expression of the bottomless love, care or warmth. Say “I love you”, “I care for you” or “Thank you” to that special somebody by making their Christmas merrier with the long-awaited Faded Fuchsia saddle pad. 

Kingsland Christmas Stocking

A Christmas stocking is one of those special things that bring joy to both children and adults alike! Finding little advent gifts in it can make anybody’s day.

Fill this socking with all kinds of little somethings - horse brushes, accessories and sweets - and you will make anyone smile from ear to ear!

Mountain Horse Alice Hood

This is one of those gifts that will be used over and over again! Mountain Horse hood Alice replaces a scarf and a hat - it is both! It is a perfect gift for any equestrian - it protects against the wind and the rain and can be instantaneously turned into a neck tube while riding.

CT Horse & Helmet Scarf 

This Cavalleria Toscana scarf will surprise even the person who already has everything. It is impossible not to be amazed by the italian-quality silk. It feels incredibly smooth and soft against the skin. With dozens of different ways to wear it, this scarf will be a wonderful finish to any classy outfit. 


Do you need more inspiration? Find more gift ideas here!


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