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Zandona Carbon Air Sensitive+ Fit Fetlock Boots

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Carbon Air Sensitive+ Fit Fetlock Boots - if your horse has highly sensitive skin these are the ultimate boots to wear when training and competing. The inside of the boots is lined with genuine merino wool, which is obtained from shearing. By avoiding the use of sheepskin, the typical care and maintenance problems are removed, making the boots easier to maintain. As genuine wool offers a number of benefits they are a more effective boot for sensitive skinned horses then faux fur. The anti-allergic properties and natural breathability wool offers ensures your horses ultimate comfort and performance. 

The external TPU structure has a differentiated thickness whilst the added Gel Tech works as a shock absorber as well as adding further comfort. The carbon fiber elements thermally insulate the joints from the heat generated by external friction while increasing the mechanical resistance to impacts. The flex zone allows for maximum freedom of movement and performance. Elastic straps with quick release system allow to boots to be quickly and securely put on. 

Main features: 

  • Tendon boots lines with genuine Merino wool
  • Ideal for sensitive skinned horses 
  • Anti-allergic and highly breathable thanks to the natural properties of the wool
  • TPU structure 
  • Gel Tech works as a shock absorber
  • Flex Zone allows freedom of movement
  • Air vents create air flow
  • Elastic straps with quick release system
  • 100% made in Italy 

Available in Black, Brown or White

Sizes: S - M - L - L+

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The product line CARBON AIR SENSITIVE+ is made with genuine Merino Wool.

Regular care of the product is highly recommended to maintain quality. Below are the essential tips you need to prolong the life of your Carbon Air Sensitive+ products. 

- Gently wash the product with a non-aggressive brush, a soft cloth or a soft sponge
- Wash the product by hand in cold water (max 30°C)
- Use special detergents specific for wool and follow the instructions regarding the quantity to use
- Leave the product in a dry, well-ventilated place, never in direct sunlight and away from artificial heat

- Do not wash the product with a conventional detergent
- Do not wash the product in the washing machine
- Do not put the product in a dryer

Zandonà reserves the right not to be held responsible for any damage to the products resulting from failure to follow instructions above.