Breathable Bandage Pads
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Breathable bandage pads
Working Bandage Pads
Working Bandage Pads
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Working Bandage Pads

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Colour Navy

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Working Bandage Pads - absorb bandage pads for excellent protection during work. These are the best bandage pads currently on the market thanks to the incredible breathability they offer. Offering protection and air flow are the two important factors required when bandaging your horses legs for exercise, which is exactly what these fantastic pads offer.

Main features:

- Absorb the moisture and keep the legs dry
- Absorb the impact
- Extremely breathable for better air circulation
- Don’t slip down
- Soft on the skin
- Ideal for using under training bandages
- Can also be used with stable bandages or as a medical dressing

  • Set of 4
  • 45 x 30

Available in Navy and White/Black

For ultimate protection chose the Kentucky polo bandages for use over the top of these brilliant bandage pads.