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WH Ultra Soft Snaffle

WH Ultra Soft Snaffle

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Size 120mm

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WH Ultra Soft Snaffle - a brilliant bit to introduce young horses to the bit and also for older horses that may be “bit-shy” and need to become more relaxed. The approved KK Ultra bit design provided the basis for these bits. The centre section has an additional covering of soft but durable rubber so the rein aids can be extremely soft. It also helps to avoid bad habits like teeth grinding through its relaxing effect on horses.

Compared with conventional bits, the double jointed KK Ultra has a middle link - also known as the bean - that is shortened and angled forward by 45°. Due to this angle the middle link lies gently on the tongue, which results in even and constant contact, allowing clear instructions through the reins. The bit takes advantage of the sensitivity of the horses tongue. When the rein aids are given the middle part of the Ultra bit rests on the tongue without squeezing whilst the connection rings roll on the tongue. The tongues sense of touch is therefore utilised so clear aids can be given. You are normally able to see a huge improvement in your horse upon switching to an Ultra bit. The anatomically adapted mouthpiece is very comfortable for the horse as the rider can give softer aids. 

Made from Sensogan with stainless steel sides. Sensogan has many great features making it a popular choice amongst riders world wide. 

  • white-gold colour gives the bit a discreet, elegant look
  • improved material mix that does not tarnish easily so the chewing activity of the horses is optimally supported 
  • easy care
  • All Sensogan bits are marked with a black ring on the cheeks

Thickness: 16mm

Ring Size: 70mm

Available in 120mm, 130mm or 140mm