Sweet Iron Jointed Snaffle
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Sweet Iron Loose Ring Jointed

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Sweet Iron Loose Ring JointedA jointed bit has one hinge point, which means less pressure than with an elliptical mouthpiece. A jointed mouthpiece exerts pressure mainly on the bars, the side of the tongue and can also have an effect on the palate. A jointed mouthpiece is seen as a standard mouthpiece. 

Sweet Iron Bits:

The sweet iron bits are made of steel and have a recognizable blue colour. Due to contact with (air)moisture, Sweet Iron creates a rust film on the surface which has a sweet taste. As a result, the bit naturally encourages saliva production, which leads to more chewing activity and more foam will be built up and thus an overall better acceptance of the bit.

The rusting process (oxidation) changes the blue colour to a brown-greyish colour, which is the desired effect. After a time of not using the bit, the colour can change to an orange-brown which indicates normal rust that can be easily removed with a wet cloth. 

Sweet Iron bits are great and suitable for every horse. Sweet Iron helps to increase the chewing activity, to produce more saliva and to accept the bit more easily. Next to that, Sweet Iron bits have the most options of different types of mouthpieces, as well as types of bits. Therefore, every horse-rider combination can find their suiting bit with the Sweet Iron technology.

Mode of Action:

Bits with continuous rings only act on tension. When the reins are pulled, the pressure is passed on to the lower jaw via the tongue. Any pressure on the neck is not created by the bit, but by the noseband.

A restless or inexperienced rider's hand can be slightly cushioned or compensated for by the movable rings. In addition, the horse can lift the bit by tightening the tongue and thereby avoid excessive pressure for a short time by tightening the reins. In principle, ring bridles are suitable for every horse and every level of training and are also recommended for breaking in young horses or for beginners.

Available in 11.5cm - 14.5cm

Thickness - 16mm

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carlos rodriguez diaz (Madrid, ES)
Trust is trust

Another amazing add to my bits box, I use this bit for flat working and really happy with it.
Better with Trust