Velvet Saddle Pad
Kentucky Horsewear Velvet Saddle Pad
Kentucky Velvet Saddle Pad
Kentucky Horsewear Velvet Pearls Dressage Pad
Velvet Saddle Blanket
Kentucky Horsewear Dressage Pad
Kentucky Horsewear Saddle Pad USA
Kentucky Fish bone saddle pad
Kentucky Saddle Pad Blue
Kentucky Saddle Pad Black
Soft Rose Velvet Saddle Pad Kentucky
kentucky horsewear velvet saddle pad
kentucky saddle pad velvet jumping
Pink Velvet Saddle Blanket
Kentucky Velvet Pearls Black Dressage
Navy saddle pads with pearls
Kentucky Velvet Saddle Blanket
Samt Schabracke von Kentucky
Pink Show Jumping Saddle Pad
Show Jumping saddle blanket black
Springschabracke Blau
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Saddle Pad Velvet Pearls


Size Dressage
Color Black

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Saddle Pad Velvet Pearls - turn heads with this stunning saddle blanket from Kentucky Horsewear. The fish bone quilting combines perfectly with the velvet material and pearl edging for an extra classy look.  Thanks to it's anatomical shape and design the pad does not need an annoying straps to attach to the saddle, only a nylon strap for the girth. Finished off with an artificial Kentucky Horsewear logo strategically placed higher up on the pad to allow you to add your logo or name to the saddle blanket if required. A striking saddle pad that is an essential to add to your collection. 

 Main features: 

  • Fish bone quilting
  • Anatomic cut
  • Double twisted piping edge
  • Pearls around the edge
  • Dressage or Jumping cut
  • Room to embroider logo
  • Machine washable at 30°, no dryer

Available in Black, Navy, Beige, Pine Green and Soft Rose

Sizes: Dressage or Jumping 

Note: Beige & Pine Green  will be available later in July

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