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Saddle Pad Absorb

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Colour Black

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Saddle Pad Absorb - the ultimate saddle pad is here! Beyond stylish and most of all comfortable for your horse.  Made from fine and durable cotton on the outside and bound by a smart leather binding to give it that luxurious look. The lining is Kentucky Horsewears famous Absorb fabric. The Absorb fabric is made out of a high, technologically advanced microfibre fabric which absorbs sweat and moisture fast. The peached surface of the Absorb fabric makes it anti slip to prevent the saddle from moving.

It is finished with a smart looking leather binding to give you a ride in style.

Main features:

  • All purpose saddle pad
  • Outside fine and durable cotton
  • Lining Absorb fabric 
  • Absorbs sweat and moisture fast and has a quick dry function
  • Anti-slip to prevent the saddle from moving
  • Leather binding

Available in Black, Navy or White

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