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Stübben Protector Vest Pro - the protective vest serves as impact protection, and has been developed for equestrian sports and for people who work with horses.  Based on the technology used, this protective vest offers optimal protection against the consequences of an accident, significantly reduces the risk of injury, but injuries cannot be completely prevented. The certified protective vest absorbs the impact energy to a certain extent in the event of an impact and therefore reduces the risk of injury. The protective vest generally cannot prevent an accident; in the event of an impact, there is no 100% guarantee that fractures, sprains, abrasions and other wounds will be prevented. Please note that no protective vest (PPE) guarantees full protection and, despite wearing a safety vest, you should assess the level of risk for every riding activity. Injuries cannot be completely prevented, but their severity can be reduced. A protective vest cannot prevent injuries from twisting, curving, stretching or crushing, or injuries to the spine.

In addition to the protective vest, the manufacturer recommends wearing other protective equipment for other parts of the body and appropriate sports clothing, e.g. a helmet.


This protective vest is classified as personal protective equipment (PPE) and is compliant with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and with EN 13158:2018 – Level 3 (purple label). Performance class 3 products are subjected to the most severe tests.

There are 3 classes of protection as the European Regulation 2016/425 specifies to produce protective vests for different activities and end users. No protective vest can prevent serious injuries in accidents.

Level 1/Black Label: Body armor that offers a lower level of protection and is only permitted for licensed jockeys.

Level 2/brown label: protective vests that offer a lower than the usual level of protection level and are only permitted for use in situations with little risk.

These do not include riding on streets or other hard surfaces, riding with obstacles, riding exciting young horses. Safety vests tested according to level 2 should never be worn by inexperienced riders.

Level 3/Purple Label: Protective vests that provide a level of protection considered appropriate for normal riding, competition use and work with horses. Protective vests that correspond to level 3 offer the following protection performance:

- Prevention of minor bruises and bruises that cause stiffness and pain

- Attenuation of major soft tissue injuries to the level of contusions

- Prevent a limited number of rib fractures

- Reduction of impact energy on the spine

The measurement within the framework of the European standard EN 13158: 2018 is carried out as follows:

A flat and a rod-shaped falling body falls in free fall (impact energy 35 J for the flat falling body and 45 J for the rod-shaped falling body) onto the protector, which lies on an anvil. This anvil is connected to a measuring system that measures the remaining energy below the protector. This testing method simulates a fall from a horse, a blow from a hoof, or a hit with a stick.

If there is a registered maximum force of max. 4 KN, the protective vest achieves protection class 3. No individual value may exceed 6 KN. The back protector complies with the European standard EN 13158:2018, protection class 3.

Note: EN 13158: 2018 includes 3 protective classes: Level 3 offers the highest protection!


This protective vest was checked in accordance with Beta 2018 Horse Rider Body and Should Protector. Only protective vests that meet the criteria of EN 13158: 2018 can be subjected to an examination by Beta 2018 and may be identified with the beta label if the result is positive.

The BETA standard stipulates that the protective vest is subjected to a functional test annually. This guarantees a stable quality and function of the protective vest.

The vest was classified as a level 3 protective vest, but this award is not a security guarantee and confirmation that this vest can prevent serious injuries. With each modification, the article loses any conformity with the beta standard.

Use and restriction

This protective vest protects against impacts in the event of a fall from a horse (protection from impacts on hard and soft surfaces, from impacts against objects such as trees, vehicles or posts. Fallen riders are also at risk of being kicked by the horse). This protective vest offers a level of protection that is for conventional riding, competitions or the Arbe

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