Nutri Support
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Nutri Support

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Nutri Support (previously known as Support) - Cavalor Nutri Support is a granulated mix of vitamins and minerals as a complete supplement for the recreation horse.

Indication for use
Cavalor Nutri Support is a supplement to the daily feed ration for horses that are not required to do extremely heavy work.
Composition and safety of the product
Cavalor Nutri Support contains: vitamins A, D3, E, choline. Trace elements: copper, iron, iodine, cobalt, manganese, zinc, selenium. The product is composed to meet the maintenance requirements of the horse and is an ideal supplement for horses provided a basic feed mixture with a low vitamin and mineral content. For horses at rest or for horses that are used for recreational purposes only, Cavalor Nutri Support is the best choice of a supplement for maintaining the horse's condition without undue expense. If more is required from the horse Cavalor Nutri Plus or Cavalor Breeding may be used.  
Feed Cavalor Nutri Support as a supplement to the normal feed.
- Foals and ponies: 50- 100 grams per day
- Adult horses (at rest/light work): 100 grams per day
- Tub containing 5 kg pellets
- Bag containing 20 kg pellets