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Infrared saddle blanket
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Mr Feel Warm Saddle Blanket

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Size Pony Dressage
Color Black

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Mr Feel Warm Saddle Blanket - the ultimate saddle blanket for your horses back.

Main features:

- up to 5 degrees extra warmth
- absorbent
- fast moisture absorption
- Ceramic fibres radiate heat due to Infared technology
- anatomically formed
- easy care
- Infared technology:
- has proven theraputic and stimulating effects
- enhances the circulation and well-being

- stimulate metabolic function of soft tissue
- provides an anti-inflammatory function
- Infared technology is useful before and after exercise
- for use during exercise for warmth and to stay dry
- aids recovery and well-being
- aids relaxation of the muscles
- increases blood circulation
- machine washable at 30 degrees
- suitable for dryer

Available in Black, deep blue

Sizes: Pony GP, Pony Dressage, General Purpose or Dressage