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Large Loose Ring Leather Bit

Large Loose Ring Leather

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Trust Equestrian

Size 11.5cm

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Large Loose Ring Leather -

How it works:

Bits with continuous rings only act on tension. When the reins are pulled, the pressure is passed on to the lower jaw via the tongue. Any pressure on the neck is not created by the bit, but by the noseband.

A restless or inexperienced rider's hand can be slightly cushioned or compensated for by the movable rings. In addition, the horse can lift the bit by tightening the tongue and thereby avoid excessive pressure for a short time by tightening the reins. In principle, ring bridles are suitable for every horse and every level of training and are also recommended for breaking in young horses or for beginners.


Leather Bits:

The leather bits are a remarkable appearance in the TRUST Collection. The core is made from reinforced nylon. The leather, which is hand-sewn around the core, is naturally tanned without chemicals. Saliva formation makes the leather softer and therefore more pleasant for the horse. The flexible effect in combination with the taste of the leather makes the bit extremely suitable for horses with a sensitive mouth. In addition, we notice that mares like the taste of the leather and therefore accept the bit well.

Tip: The leather bit is easy to keep flexible by regularly smearing it with some olive oil.

Note: make sure that the stitching points to the outside, towards the opening of the mouth.

Thickness: 20mm

Sizes: 11.5cm, 12.5cm, 13.5cm or 14.5cm