Horse Fly Trap
Horse Fly Trap for Field
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Horse Fly Trap Taonx Eco



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Horse Fly Trap Taonx Eco -

Catches horseflies price favourably and effectively!
Reduces the presence of horseflies with max. 95%.

How does the Horsefly Trap TaonX Eco work?
The Horsefly Trap TaonX Eco captures horseflies by misleading the female horse flies. The black ball is heated by the sun and moves back and forth in the wind. The horsefly is attracted by this moving heat source, because the horsefly "thinks" that it is a prey to her. The horsefly lands on the ball and flies, disappointed, up to the light. Then she flies into the trap that is attached at the top of the funnel.



  • Without insecticides.
  • Without chemicals.
  • Without electricity.

Easy to install and hang!

Max range:
5.000 m²