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Half Pad Absorb

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Half Pad Absorb - the Kentucky Horsewear Half Pad Absorb is a new revolutionary half pad on the market. Used by many professional riders the Half Pad Absorb is the perfect mix between technology and smart design.


The benefits of the Half pad Absorb are:


  • better comfort for both horse and rider which improves the jumping performance
  • comfort of freedom for the horse thanks to the shaped thin layer of leather to give maximum freedom at the wither
  • thanks to the five layer system it gives a maximum stability to the saddle
  • the combination of the memory foam and the shock absorbing gel reduces back pains for both horse and rider
  • minimizing pressure points creates maximum comfort
  • the Absorb fabric is made out of a high technological micro fiber fabric which absorbs sweat and moisture fast and has a quick dry function
  • the surface of the Absorb fabric makes it anti slip to prevent the saddle from moving

Available in Black or Navy