Acavallo Seat Saver Ortho Coccyx
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Gel Seat Saver Hexagonal Ortho-Coccyx for Dressage Or Jump Saddles


Size M
Color Black
Saddle Dressage

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Gel Seat Saver Gel Out Ortho-Coccyx - the Hexagonal Gel Seat Saver Ortho-Coccyx by Acavallo is perfect for riders who need pressure relief on their hind seat bones/tailbone (coccyx). This state-of-the-art seat saver combines the non-slip, shock-proof and breathable properties of the Hexagonal Gel Acavallo models with a hollow part in the rear part of the seat to reduce the pressure in the area around the tailbone (coccyx bones). This leads to a more balanced weight distribution and therefore a more comfortable and safe seat. This 20mm thick seat saver is suitable for dressage and jumping saddles.

Thanks to the hexagonal gel structure, the seat cover is able to absorb shocks and reduce their intensity, whilst increasing the grip between rider and saddle.
The seat cover is equipped with an elastic strap with velcro which runs longitudinally along the lower part of the saddle and hooks onto the panels, without changing the normal saddle supports.
Both sides of the seat saver are equipped with two straps with a grip, that are hooked on the inner part of the saddle cushions - without affecting their normal positions.
The coupling system thus makes it possible to provide the typical elegant design of Acavallo products, without modifying the original structure of the saddle.

Due to the gel production process, it may be advisable to clean the gel with warm water before the initial use and make sure the saddle is well oiled and not dry to avoid any colour transfer from the gel. In these rare cases, it is sufficient to oil the saddle carefully to remove any marks for a period of 2 weeks.

Acavallo® Gel Features
– Shock absorbing
– Stabilize the saddle
– Relieve pressure
– Close contact – does not alter the balance of the saddle
– Lightweight
– Non-toxic
– Safe for use on skin
– Extreme elasticity
– Easy care

Info & Care:
– Can be machine washed (30 °C) or by hand in a bucket of water with a little detergent
– Do not use harsh detergents
– Do not tumble dry
– Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight
– Allow drying naturally

Available in Black or Brown

Sizes:  (16 - 17"/40-43cm) L (17.5 - 18.5"/44,5-47cm)

Saddle: Dressage or Jump 

Customer Reviews

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Coccyx-friendly saddle cover

This has been a godsend for someone with a chronic sore coccyx (not initially caused by riding - but the latter sure doesn't help) At first, the extra layer felt awkward, but I quickly became used to it, and it has enabled me to continue riding my bouncy warmblood without too much grief. A godsend!

Acavallo gel out seat saver

This seat saver is a life saver for me as I’ve lower back problems and it cushions/protects me from the impact I’d have if it wasn’t on. It also keeps you in the seat because of its tackiness. I absolutely love these and probably couldn’t ride without them.