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Acavallo Gel Seat Saver for Dressage Saddle
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Gel Seat Saver Dri-Lex Ortho-Coccyx for Dressage Or Jump Saddles

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Size M
Color Black
Saddle Dressage

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Gel Seat Saver Gel Out Ortho-Coccyx - this discrete Acavallo seat saver is the perfect solution for riders suffering from orthopaedic problems surrounding their hind seat bones/tailbone (coccyx). This incredible seat saver is suited for jumping and dressage saddles. The 20mm thick seat saver with Dri-Lex, combines the non-slip and shock-proof properties of the Classic Acavallo Gel models. It is equipped with a hollow part in the rear part of the seat to reduce the pressure in the area around the tailbone (coccyx), providing a more balanced weight distribution and therefore a more comfortable and safe seat overall.

Acavallo® Gel Features:
– Shock absorbing
– Stabilize the saddle
– Relieve pressure
– Close contact
– Does not alter the balance of the saddle
– Lightweight
– Non-toxic
– Safe for use on skin
– Extreme elasticity
– Easy care

Acavallo® Dri-Lex features:
– Provides moisture management
– Total breathable
– Prevent bacteria from grow
– Prevent odour development
– Outstanding abrasion resistant

Info & Care:
– Can be machine washed (30 °C) or by hand in a bucket of water with a little detergent
– Do not use harsh detergents
– Do not tumble dry
– Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight
– Allow drying naturally

Available in Brown or Black

Sizes: M (16 - 17"/40-43cm) L (17.5 - 18.5"/44,5-47cm)

Saddle: Dressage or Jump 

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