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Gel & PVC Studguard Girth New Lining

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Size 115 cm/45 in
Color Black

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Gel & PVC Studguard Girth New Lining - Innovation, safety and attention to detail are the keywords to describe this girth. Completely made of composite material (TPU) and eco-leather, and equipped with the new Acavallo Gel Padding System, the anatomic girth is designed with your horses comfort in mind.

The special design of the gel panel eliminates the risk of pinching and relieves pressure on the sensitive internal organs of your horse, also allowing increased blood circulation and supply of oxygen. The arrangement of the individual gel padding elements has been developed to facilitate breathing and reduce transpiration by means of a sophisticated airflow pattern, preventing excessive heat accumulation, even under high-performance conditions.

Not a single detail was left to chance during the development and the testing stages of the girth, this applies in particular to the new and patented Acavallo® safety fastening hook, designed to eliminate the need for additional snap hooks, e.g. on the martingale, or for strap and buckle elements on the belly plate of the girth which always imply high risks of entangling and falling of the horse when jumping. In addition to this safety concern which Acavallo had in mind when developing this special hook – i.e. creating a smooth martingale/girth connection excluding any unnecessary, potential points of engagement of the horseshoe or hoof – ease of use was another main objective implemented in the design of this sturdy and long-life hook. Martingale fastening and removal has never been so easy. You can attach and remove the martingale/breastplate strap with ease with just a simple movement, without having to loosen the saddle. The little closing tab (see illustrations), which is almost invisible and placed at the tip of the hook ensures maximum safety by preventing the martingale strap from being released accidentally.

The anatomic shape of the girth allows your horse the freedom they need to move and perform at their best. 

Available in:

  • PVC: Black or Brown
  • Gel: Grey

Sizes: 115 cm - 140 cm (45 - 56 inch.)

Customer Reviews

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I am verry pleassed

Verry beautiful!


This girth is great. Super quality and comfortable for the horse. Will be buying another!

Fantastic girth, wouldn't use anything else

Love love love this girth, I have three of them now (2 long and 1 short). I find the gel reduces slippage and allows the girth to not need to be overly tightened to stabilise the saddle. The anatomical shape has prevented girth rubs on my sensitive skinned gelding and is very easy to care for. 5/5 stars for this product, yet again another winner from Acavallo.