Acavallo C.C Gel & Memory Foam Half Pad with Sheepskin
Acavallo Memory Foam with Sheepskin
Acavallo Memory Foam Pad
Memory Foam Saddle Pad
Acavallo Memory Foam Pad
Acavallo Memory Foam Saddle Pad Brown
Memory Foam Saddle Pad
C.C Gel & Memory Foam Half Pad with Sheepskin
Acavallo Gel & memory foam pad
Gel Pad
Acavallo Pad
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C.C Gel & Memory Foam Half Pad with Sheepskin

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Gel Colour Black
Fabric Colour Black
Sheepskin Colour Black

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C.C Gel & Memory Foam Half Pad with Sheepskin - designed with your horses comfort in mind the memory foam gel pads combines the Acavallo shock absorbing therapeutic gel benefits with the exclusive properties of memory foam:

Benefits include: 

  • shock absorption
  • avoidance of rubbing & friction
  • improved saddle fit and pressure distribution for extra relief 

The Acavallo close contact Classic Gel & memory foam pad with sheepskin combines the non-slip and shock-proof properties of the Classic Gel pads Acavallo with the shock-absorbing properties of memory foam and with a partial sheepskin edge.

A great strength is to avoid any unwanted movement of the saddle in any direction: forward, back and sideways.
Furthermore, the Gel can compensate for the small imperfections of the horse’s back, making it suitable also for the backs that are a bit more “rounded”.

The anatomic cut of the pad and the technical characteristics of the memory foam allows the pad to adapt and shape itself deeply to the silhouette of the horse, also allowing the surface pressure to be distributed over a large area.
To these features are added the ability to absorb shocks, dampen vibrations and regulate the horse’s body temperature.

Designed to fit under any style and size of English saddles, it’s ideal to combine with a plain square or use on its own.

The pad, in the lower part, is partially covered with Acavallo Sheepskin, a natural material that does not cause allergies, very soft and delicate, and perfectly suited to prevent chafing, abrasions and blisters.
The benefits of the Sheepskin, combined with the Gel, allow a great boost from an aesthetic point of view to the traditional Acavallo in Gel Pads.

The Acavallo® Classic Gel is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and does not react negatively in contact with the skin, characteristics that allow the pad to be used directly in contact with it.

Info & Care:
– Can be machine washed (30 °C) or by hand in a bucket of water with a little detergent
– Do not use harsh detergents
– Do not tumble dry
– Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight
– Allow drying naturally


Available in standard colours: Black/Black/Natural and Black/Brown/Natural


CUSTOM MADE (additional €10) - choose your favourite combination. Approximately 6 week delivery time. Email regarding delivery times. 

  • Gel choice: Black
  • Fabric choice: Black, Brown, Blue or White
  • Sheepskin choice: Black, Natural, White, Dark Brown, Blue or Grey


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Acavallo pad

Acavallo pad got better stability between the saddle and the saddle pad, it was able to withstand the deviation from the horse body and be able to do a comfortable riding!