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Gel & Memory Foam Half Pad
Acavallo Memory Gel Half Pad
Memory Foam Half Pad
Oglivy Pad
Acavallo Memory + Gel Half Pad
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Gel & Memory Foam Half Pad

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Size M
Gel Color Black
Fabric Colour Black

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Gel & Memory Foam Half Pad - the Acavallo anatomically shaped memory foam half pad with gel combines the non-slip and shockproof benefits of Acavallo's classic gel pads with the added advantage of the shock-absorbing properties of high-quality memory foam. Offering support in all the right places for your horse whilst ensuring shock absorption, the half pad is hypoallergenic, breathable and heat-sensitive making it suitable for nearly all horses. 

The anatomic cut of the pad and the technical characteristics of the memory foam allow the pad to adapt and shape itself deeply to the silhouette of the horse which also helps distribute surface pressure over a larger area. With the ability to absorb shock, dampen vibrations and help regulate the horse's body temperature, this pad is a brilliant choice for fitting under English saddles and combines perfectly with a plain saddle blanket or can be used on its own. 

The Acavallo® Classic Gel is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and does not react negatively in contact with the skin which allows the pad to be used directly on the horses back if required.

Acavallo® Gel Features
– Shock absorbing
– Stabilize the saddle
– Relieve pressure
– Close contact – does not alter the balance of the saddle
– Lightweight
– Non-toxic
– safe for use on skin
– Extreme elasticity
– Easy care

Acavallo® Memory Foam features:
– Absorb shocks
– Rubbing and friction are eliminated
– Get very thin where there are already points of pressure and no need for volume
– Disperses pressure evenly

Info & Care:
– Can be machine washed (30 °C) or by hand in a bucket of water with a little detergent
– Do not use harsh detergents
– Do not tumble dry
– Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight
– Allow drying naturally

Available in 

  • Gel Colour: Black
  • Fabric Colour: Black, Blue, Brown and White

Sizes: M - L

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