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Evol Stirrups

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Jin Stirrup

Colour Black

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Evol Stirrups - the Jin Stirrup Evol stirrups are made in plastic with the tread coated in top quality aluminium. These stirrups are light and comfortable and guarantee excellent grip and maximum stability. The Evol stirrup is a result of thorough studies with the most sophisticated CAD system. Produced entirely in Italy, with certified raw materials, these stirrups are also suitable for customers who are highly considerate of the environment without compromising quality. These sleek, lightweight and grippy stirrups are once again a product from JS that meets the needs of each rider.

Material: aluminium & plastic
Weight: 245gr.
Tread size: 117 mm long x 60 mm

With 7 colours to chose from you're sure to find a pair for you!

MAKE THESE STIRRUPS YOUR OWN! Custom laser engraving available upon request (for additional €20). Please email us at info@equizoneonline.com with an engraving request.

Available in Black, Blue, Orange, Green, Red, White or Yellow