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eVenting - incredibly light (165 grams), highly innovative, cross country boots used by the worlds best riders! Designed by an eventer in collaboration with the worlds best eventer for eventers, these boots really are the best of the best.

As mentioned the boots weigh a mehr 165 grams! How can a boot that is so light offer ultimate protection? A combination of innovative materials ensure the highest protection and comfort for your eventers legs. The rigid parts guarantee high impact protection to the most delicate areas. The tendon boots are elongated towards the knee, leaving maximum freedom of movement around the pastern.

Characterised by the cutting edge closing-opening system that allows rapid removal from the horses legs, thanks to the plastic rod. The boots can be quickly, easily and safely removed upon finishing the course making the riders and grooms job easier, especially when horses are agitated and need to continue walking.

All in all these boots have everything needed to safeguard the horses legs on the cross country course. They are also fully washable and do not absorb water or sweat.

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