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eUp Mini Hind Boots

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Size M
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eUp Mini Hind Boots - you just need to look at the worlds best and you'll see these boots everywhere at shows. Fast becoming one of the favourites amongst the worlds best riders, the eUp mini offer a fetlock boot with a single strap made from high quality material. The inside is lined with soft neoprene, whilst the particular anatomical shape has been specifically designed to help improve horses performance whilst jumping but with a little less effect then the eUp two strap model. The boots are approved in accordance to the FEI rules.

The exclusive, patented eFluidgel technology offers a special bubble in the shell which greatly reduces the impact the horses leg could suffer thanks to the air and gel compression and their capacity to absorb shock.

The boots also include the free torsion system which is a special system that ensures the horses leg in not at all blocked whilst jumping, which is an absolute must have for top performing horses.

Available in Black or Brown

Sizes: S - M - L


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